Song to Satan


Oh Hero Prime-Evil!

Ushering universal Upheaval!

Daring a Soul sublime,

On gambit that might make thee slime.

Prince whose pride permuted Paradise,

Devil I will be your device!

Lord of Storm and Strife,

To you I pledge this life.

Great lusting Goat God!

Serpent Sage of radiant Rod!

Oh Bat beyond black!

From your sulphurous Sack

Let me suck seed

with every dark deed!

My tongue twists for crypt’s kiss

to taste blackest bliss.

Mastering monstrous mutagenesis,

Perverting Jehovah’s Genesis!

Open the angle cerebellopontine,

Spirit spun Adamantine!

With the blood of a boy,

The slave gods you’ll destroy.

For Hell’s deviant Delight

I’ll be your darkest Knight.

For with  the fall of man,

You sing the Superman;

Burning humanity to ash,

As I ride your lightning Flash!!

Make me your linchpin

And for wages of sin;

No seventy-two virgins vestal,

A single Succubus brazen and bestial!




“The mind is its own place, and in it self
Can make a Heav’n of Hell, a Hell of Heav’n.”

-Satan, as received by the poet-seer John Milton.

“is he honest who resists his genius or conscience. only for the sake of present ease or gratification?”

William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Hail Satan Hero Prime-Evil